Monday, January 18, 2016

Clash Royale Hack Tool

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Clash Royale new Supercell Game

The Finnish game developer Supercell, especially known for the successful strategy title Clash of Clans, has a new mobile game in the works. The app is called Clash Royale and should be of interest not only for fans of Clash of Clans, but basically for all those who like trading card games. Unlike in the previous game you do not you build your own empire namely on, but you imagine a deck of cards together and fight so against other players in the arena.

The multiplayer game is to PvP action, so pure player-versus-player battles, with no frills. Your troops and spells and defenses are represented by cards that you collect in Clash Royale by winning treasure chests and opens. It conceals very different things that you can use to optimize your deck and level up existing cards. So you'll gradually becoming more powerful and can take on stronger opponents. The multiplayer aspect comes into play by clans. You can create a clan or join a private and within this compound fight duels.

Currently plugged the tower defense game card mix in the soft launch phase, is therefore live only in a few countries - and then only for iOS. For a concrete official release date is Supercell has not expressed, but probably it will be over soon. Whether then also appears equal to an Android version of Clash Royale, is also still on hold.

Clash Royale Hack - Free Gold and Gems 

Interesting thing there is already hack and cheats for Clash Royale game. Not all of them are working, but you can pick few from the crowd. Only few online hacks can be found on internet and they are, i think, adapted from Clash of Clans online hack tools. 

For now, only iOS users have luck with playing Clash Royale game and due to that only they can use Clash Royale hack tools to add free gold and gems to their account. But, Clash Royale Android apk coming very soon and they don't need to worry about, hack and cheats tools are ready and for them.

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